21:02 GMT, 01/28/2010

Re: w8coach

1. just because it's a study, doesn't mean it's credible

2. Just because it'd different doesn't make it right

3. Coaches can make whatever biomechanical decisions on their athletes' levers that they want, in ANY throwing event they want, but at the end of it all they are STILL bound by the laws of biomechanics/phyics regardless of what they want to try and apply.

Dr. B wasn't thrown athletes and by that virtue was good, they were good and became great when they worked with him.

You argue that he was good because he was filtered athletes and that we hold allegences to him because of his record...

I would rather argue that the success is the result of good technical work with athletes. It's not a case of him being good because of his athletes' and then his work being renowned because of his success...his success is a result of his technical prowess.

If you're not pretending to know, then don't. But don't argue the abstract (belief systems etc.) and then try to talk physics and biomechanics. You can do whatever you want to get to biomechanical goal, but some paths yield better, long tern results than others. So on the way to achieving that goal, try to find the means that will give you the highest possible ceiling of performance.

I understand that you're not challenging his record - but you are challenging the information, clearly the information when applied to athletes is working and working well...I don't know what else to say.