Just like childproof packaging for various products, child safe packaging for marijuana products is also subject to FDA regulation. Basically, the FDA has outlined some requirements for proper childproof packaging to eliminating the risk of children ingesting potentially harmful cannabis products. Below are some of the frequently asked FDA-related questions regarding childproof packaging.

  1. What cannabis products require childproof packaging?

Ideally, all marijuana products should come with child safe packaging. Irrespective of the type of packaging used for packing a particular marijuana product, it should be fully safe. According to FDA requirements, any cannabis packaging that isn’t childproofed shouldn’t be used for packing any cannabis product. Whether it CBD tinctures, resin or vapes, or whatever product a cannabis vendor is selling, it must be in a child safe packaging.

  • Are there certain certifications that childproof packaging must meet?

Child safe packaging for cannabis products must meet the requirements and specifications outlined by Consumer Product Safety Commission (or CPSC). Packaging manufacturers must check with the CPSC site to see whether their packaging has met CPSC’s requirements. Apart from CPSC requirements, childproof packing should also be done in accordance with the relevant state laws and in accordance with the FDA requirements.

  • How does FDA recommend products to be tested to establish whether they are child safe?

The products have to be tested practically to determine whether they are childproof or not. For instance, a group of children within the age of 5 years and below is picked randomly and then asked to open the products that are being tested for child resistance. If the children are able to open the packaging within 10 minutes, then the products are not child safe. But if the children are unable to open the packaging within the same duration of time, then the products can be considered to be child-safe. Additional testing should be done using another group of children in order to establish whether the products are completely child resistant. This time round, the number of children used for conducting the test should be high.

  • Should products be labeled child safe?

FDA insists that marijuana manufacturers and vendors must include child safe information on their cannabis products. Any product claiming to be child safe should detail information as proof. Any product that does not provide such information has not met FDA regulations.

  • What factors does the FDA take into consideration when establishing whether the packaging is really child safe or not?

There are a couple of factors that FDA considers while evaluating whether a package is child safe:

  • Quality and the type of material used for making the packaging
  • Whether the packaging has adhered to the right manufacturing practices
  • Whether the packaging has been tested for child safety
  • Concerns about the level of child safety of the packaging as expressed by users

There are many FDA- related questions about childproofing. Cannabis retailers ought to familiarize themselves with some of these questions to ensure their packaging is child safe and in accordance with FDA standards.

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