Ever pondered what a few tunes are extremely about? We have a determination of tracks, all blamed for concealed synthetic initiated topics. Are these Rockers blameworthy as charged, or would we say we are giving our creative ability a chance to flee with us? You choose. Dirty Heads concert 2019

  1. Diminish Paul and Mary – Puff The Magic Dragon. Please now, without a doubt there’s no safeguarding this one – with around a million conceivable pot references tossed in and obviously the title. Dwindle, Paul and Mary in any case, guarantee the melody was propelled by Ogden Nash’s The Tale of The Custard Dragon and is in actuality about the loss of youth guiltlessness. (To substance misuse maybe?…).
  2. David Bowie – Space Oddity. Overflowing with hallucinogenic space topics, it’s right around a characteristic presumption that ‘Space Oddity’ was sedate propelled. The tune was evidently discharged to harmonize with the Apollo 11 moon landing, however In ‘Fiery remains To Ashes’ Bowie later concedes that “We know real Tom’s an addict”. We state blameworthy as charged.
  3. Obscure – Beetlebum. Talk has it that ‘Beetlebum’ depended on Albarn’s medication experimentation with ex and Elastica front-lady, Justine Frischmann. Albarn endeavored to guarantee that ‘Beetlebum’ was intended to speak to a scope of complex feelings, before at last surrendering and conceding: “it’s about medications, fundamentally”.
  4. The Byrds – Eight Miles High. The title is once more, anything other than unpretentious, so it’s not astounding that ‘Eight Miles High’ was initially exposed to a U.S radio boycott. The band emphatically prevented claims from securing drug references, saying it was tied in with traveling to England. Anyway in later years, Clark and Crosby admitted that the tune was in any event incompletely tranquilize enlivened. Recognizing somewhat of a subject yet?
  5. Desert garden – Morning Glory. There have been a few translations of this great hit. Beside the self-evident, (simply read the title…) the tune has been referenced to cocaine use, with verses, for example, “Everything you could ever want are made/When you’re affixed to the mirror and the disposable cutter” showing up. Noel Gallagher broke down all gossipy tidbits when he clarified that the tune was initially roused by tuning in to a walkman, while high on cocaine. Well that beyond any doubt cleared up any disarray.
  6. The Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash. A ‘Hopping Jack Flash’ is as far as anyone knows slang for infusing heroin into your tear pipes… Case shut.
  7. The La’s – There She Goes. With lines like “There she goes once more… hustling through my mind… beating through my vein… nobody else can mend my agony”, its nothing unexpected that the tune picked up a notoriety about heroin use. The band have denied the bits of gossip, despite the fact that guitarist Paul Hemmings essentially says he doesn’t have an inkling. In the event that he doesn’t know, at that point there’s no expectation for us.
  8. The Beatles – Got To Get You Into My Life. Composed by Sir Paul McCartney, the track got innumerable allegations about its actual importance. Many pondered McCartney’s deep longing to test the prohibited natural product. Nonetheless, all things considered, it’s essentially a guileless love melody. On this event, we state blameless till demonstrated liable!
  9. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lookin’ Out My Back Door. A cartwheeling monster, flying spoons, and an Elephant? On the off chance that this doesn’t shout corrosive outing, I don’t have a clue what does. John Fogerty endeavored to guarantee this depended on Dr. Seuss’ Books, composed for his clueless child. You’re not tricking anybody John.
  10. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit. Another hallucinogenic trek of a melody, promising ‘hookah smoking caterpillars’ on mushrooms, pills that make you greater/littler and a mess more. Obviously with all due respect Jefferson expressed that the tune was just founded on Alice In Wonderland. In any case, Grace Slick later conceded that she was in certainty on LSD when the verses were first composed.

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